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Ristorante a Bolgheri, la miglior carne alla brace
miglior ristorante a bolgheri

Osteria Magona

The house of the “ciccia” (meat) …

The Restaurant Osteria Magona in Bolgheri, the best grilled meat, tells a long and enthusiastic culinary voyage that started in 2004 in the centre of Bolgheri and today moved to the typical Tuscan style Casale, the Vallone dei Messi, on the Bolgherese, the renowed “Strada del Vino”. Here, in the midst of vineyards and close to the largest Bolgheri DOC wineries, a unique restaurant was created, in open country and with a sea view.

To welcome in the cradle of Tuscany and Mediterranean cuisine, of which the selection of meats by Dario Cecchini, famous butcher from Panzano, are the masters, is the chef Omar Barsacchi. In the company of his wife Marina and his son Rocco, they have set the business venture in a simple and familiar atmosphere respecting the all-Italian tradition.

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Kitchen always open.

Restaurant in Bolgheri, the best grilled meat

Lunch and Dinner a la carte menu
From 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Ribollita, cold cuts, cheesed and grilled meat with side dishes.


W la ciccia e chi la stropiccia


He is not just a chef but a passionate practical hunting competitor, who has become his second activity.

A competitive spirit that he has followed since he was a child and dreamed of going out on the pages of the gazette of the canine. A dream that cam true in the last issue of the magazine because it took second place in the championship by delegation. This is Omar Barsacchi, from Castagneta, born in 1976, a life divided between the kitchen and the countryside with dogs, pheasants and woodcocks: «I got passionate looking at my father. Then I started following him and eventually found my way. I love participating with my setters, they gave me great satisfaction»

Osteria Magona, Restaurant in Bolgheri, the best grilled meat
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Omar Barsacchi

Osteria Magona Chef
Ristorante a Bolgheri, la miglior carne alla brace